A warm August wedding.

Matt and Rachel were wed on the eleventh of August in Edmonds, WA.  They had a beautiful first look moment on one of the lookout points to the Puget Sound.  Matt stood in wait for his bride to arrive.

Their moment was sweet and perfect, embracing with the splashes of the water in the background.

We had some time to spend around downtown Edmonds for photos of the lovely couple before the ceremony began.

Rachel's dress popped a seam before the ceremony, but luckily her mother planned ahead and patched it up with a sewing kit.

The flower girl was practicing throwing her flower petals and picking them back up again.

And the bridesmaids stood ready to enter for the ceremony with their beautiful bouquets held proud.

The ceremony, which was officiated by Matt's father, was sweet and emotional.  The sunlight pushed through the windows behind them as they stood together on the happiest day of their lives.

After the ceremony we retreated to the roof for some more photos of the newlyweds!

Matt's niece was fascinated by his ring.

The decorations for the reception area were cute and well-made.  They made everything themselves, and the flowers were stunning.

The happy bridal party.

Rachel finished out the day of celebration with an impressive bouquet-toss before her and Matt exited in their getaway car.

This was the first wedding I had the privilege of photographing and it will always remain a special day for me as well as for Matt and Rachel.

Congratulations you two!