Summer wedding at Heritage Park.

Kris and Meghan got married inside Heritage Park in Los Angeles.  It's a collection of historic houses and buildings, green grass, and pretty trees.

I was with Meghan as she got ready for her big day in a hotel nearby.

There was a beautiful level of detail to the decorations and attire.  Meghan had a monogrammed robe to wear while she had her hair and makeup done.

Sunlight poured through the big windows as Meghan sat patiently as her makeup was done and her big thick hair was wrangled and made perfect.

Meghan's mother assembled boutonnieres on a table as she waited for her turn to be done-up.

I took the time to photograph the lovely flower arrangements and Meghan's outfit for the day.

With her hair and makeup finished, Meghan donned her dress and looked out the hotel window, cool and calm.

We arrived at the park, it was almost time for the ceremony!  Meghan waited in a nearby house until she would walk down the aisle.

The sun was warm and cut through the trees making a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Kris and Meghan were both so happy and you could feel their love for each other as they stood together to say their vows.

After the ceremony was over, Kris and Meghan and I escaped for some peace and quiet and for them to be together as husband and wife for the first time.

The reception was well decorated and was filled with dancing and laughter as their family and friend celebrated their special day as the sun set.  The park was draped in white lights and lanterns, making a soft and warm atmosphere.

Meghan put on a bright red dress and they made their escape down a tunnel of loved ones.

The party came to an end and everyone was happy and full of love.  The wedding was beautiful and Kris and Meghan looked fantastic.


Congratulations Kris and Meghan!