A country wedding in Palmdale, CA.

Keith and Andrea were wed on a hot day in June at a ranch-style home in Palmdale, CA.  The weather was clear and there were blue skies and Joshua trees in the landscape.

The centerpiece of the outdoor ceremony was made by the families which added a beautiful personal touch to the decoration.

In fact just about every decoration at the wedding was made by hand and it all came together to make a really pleasant atmosphere of the devotion of the families.

Before the day had even begun we had to battle the strong gusts of wind trying to blow away the tents!

A friend of the couple made their beautiful cake and decorated it by hand.

The pair of rings had amazing detail and complimented each other perfectly.

The country vibe was strong with Andrea's cowgirl boots in her lovely wedding gown.

Her bridesmaids also had boots of their own, and maybe a little something extra as well.

Andrea sat and touched up her hair while waiting for the moment to arrive.

Her adorable son was happy for his mommy and to be part of her big day.

Keith was a few rooms away getting his own outfit ready.

The ceremony was short and sweet and showed the joy of Keith and Andrea as they said their vows and placed their rings.  They couldn't hold back the smiles.

We had some time to get the whole gang together and be a little silly.

Someone wasn't too interested in posing for the photo.  The full moon shone bright as the sun set on wedding day.

Andrea's dance with her father was sweet and emotional.  The reception was great fun with kegs, excellent barbecue, cake and dancing!

Keith stood and looked at his bride near the end of the biggest day of their lives.

This wedding was full of character and fun!  There was no shortage of laughing, beer and cowboy hats.


Congratulations Keith and Andrea!