A wedding in the park

James and Megan had a great wedding outdoors surrounded by big grassy fields and palm trees.  With a water view and being surrounded by friend and family, the ceremony was sweet and special.

Megan got prepared in a hotel nearby before seeing her husband-to-be for the first time.

There was a great attention to detail with everything, from the custom dress hangers, to the hand-made ring box, the paper bouquets and boutonnieres  and the hand-decorated cake at their reception.

James and Megan saw each other for the first time on a little bridge in the park, and then met with their families and bridal party to take photos and hang out before the ceremony.

The ceremony finally came, held in a white gazebo at the end of an aisle of palm trees.

The newlyweds got some time to be together after the ceremony and then the reception started!  It was held in a nicely-lit backyard with great food, music, and dancing.

The party went long into the night, everyone was having a blast dancing and drinking, the cops showed up and told us to quiet down, so we all agreed it was a successful wedding reception!

Congratulations James and Megan!