A Puget Sound wedding on a perfect summer day

Geoff and Jessica had a beautiful wedding in Edmonds right on the Sound.  A lot of Geoff's family came into town and everyone filled the venue.

Jessica got prepared in a house nearby the spot that they would see each other for the first time on their wedding day.

Her dress was beautiful and fit her so perfectly.

Jessica had a very natural look on her wedding day, minimal makeup and a classic hair style.  It complimented the setting in a great way.

They had their first sighting of each other on a small rocky landing.

Their loved ones joined on the rocks to celebrate their day with them.

The ceremony was held outside against the bright backdrop of the sun reflecting off the Puget Sound and a clear blue sky.

I stole the couple away after the ceremony and got to see them overjoyed with love for each other.  Getting to capture electric people like Geoff and Jessica is so rewarding as a photographer, and their faces tell it all.

Geoff and Jessica changed into traditional dress for the beginning of their reception.

The reception was great, everyone was dancing, eating, laughing and having a great time long into the night.  

Congratulations Geoff and Jessica!